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Why we love BTS – Bangtan Sonyeondan <3


Why we love BTS – Bangtan Sonyeondan <3


Well we wanted our first post to be all about BTS !!

All of us ARMY  have got our own reasons why we fell in love with BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) and why we love, respect and support them..

Not to forget that their hard work and amazingly beautiful songs with great music and lyrics are the key for all this widespread success that they are receiving worldwide now ; but its not just because of it that we love them, they have touched our hearts in a lots of ways !

Lets get together here on lovelymoo and discuss our various reasons for being an ARMY !!

My fellow ARMY friends this website is for all you.

Its a  way to share our mutual love and respect for BTS.

Please comment below your reasons to be an ARMY and also share your memories  and experiences with us  if you have been to any of their concerts.


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