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Congratulations Jimin !


Congratulations Jimin !

 “Jimin is the first Korean singer to have 3 solo songs earning 50 million Spotify streams”



Out of the 7 members, whether he’s your bias or not, you can’t deny Jimin’s immense talent. With his songs recorded with BTS and recorded by himself, Jimin proves to be one of the most talented and also the most popular Korean artists of 2019. In fact, the idol set a record, with three songs reaching 50 million streams each on Spotify.

Seven months after “Intro: Serendipity” and “Lie” hit 50 million streams on Spotify, Jimin has extended his record and set a new high-water mark for Korean singers with “Serendipity (Full Length Edition).”

Media outlets all around the world has praised the singer’s achievement.

World Music Awards celebrated the record-setting accomplishment on Twitter, saying “BTS’ Jimin Becomes 1st Korean Act in history to have 3 solo Songs surpassing 50 million streams each on Spotify!”

Well done Jimin !!

Army is proud of you !


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