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Well if you are an ARMY you would definetely know what BTS WORLD is !!! 
But if you are new and don’t know about BTS WORLD than here is a small write up to give you a brief. 
If you want to be managers to the most famous K-Pop group- Bangtan Sonyeondan boys (BTS) ? Here is your chance,

South Korean gaming industry giant Netmarble Games has introduced a new mobile game called ‘BTS World’ which combines gaming with your favorite K-Pop group. A new mobile game which combines gaming with your favourite K-pop group and its members.BTS World is a game changer, an experience worth taking- it comes with 10,000 exclusive new photos and 100 odd video clips of the group.

BTS World is a simulation game built around the idea of grooming the BTS bandmates into superstars, with users playing as their artists’ managers. Every member has shared their hopes of what their manager should be like.For being a part of this beautiful experience all that an ARMY needs to do is,

Download the game ‘BTS world’s which is easily available for iOS and Android users.

Okay now my Fellow ARMY mates lets discuss why we spend our time on this game and why we love it and what is the best part and feature of this game.

Lets get together here to discuss our view point on this game and rate it and also I would really appreciate if you guys (ARMY) can take a screen shot of what level you are on and which is your favourite BTS member card and post it below on the comment section .


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