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Artist Profile


Leader, Main Rapper

Kim Seok-jin – Jin

Visual, Lead Vocal, Eldest/Hyung

Jung Hoseok

Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Mood Maker


Lead Rapper


Lead Dancer, Lead Vocal

Jeon Jungkook

Youngest/Maknae, Main Vocal, Lead Dancer

Kim Taehyung

Lead Vocalist , Dancer

흔한 연습생의 크리스마스 Video Edit by 방탄소년단

Today when we look back to memories – we recollect how many sleepless nights we have had to watch these wonderful boys perform on Music bank. With all the time difference we used to stay up at nights to just have a glimpse of them performing to some amazing songs, heartfelt lyrics and breathtaking choregraphy. After giving it a long thought we decided as crazy as we are, we would like to go wild and share all that we have felt so far in this journey on our website for all the ARMY’s out there to be a part of 🙂 Let’s all relive the moment of falling in love with this K-pop band that proudly calls itself as ‘BTS – Sonyeondan’

Bangtan Sonyeondan 방탄 소연단 – BTS (bulletproof boyscouts in Korean and its ARMY)

BTS is a Korean group that was formed in Seoul in 2013 that consist of 3 rappers and 4 vocalist. They debuted on 13th June 2013.

Pre-Debut Story

On Dec 22, 2012 – the head CEO of Big Hit Entertainment reveled that 3 new videos are created on Bangtan tv – You tube. The vidoes hinted on the groups upcoming debut and reveled 3 of the 7 members which were JIN, RAPMONSTER & SUGA. Of the recordings released – One of the memory was the remixed version of ‘ Last Christmas’ that showed how talented the boys are.

Leading to the boys debut they uploaded several vidoes on to their youtube channel expressing their excitement on debuting soon. A lot of dance practice videos were uploaded along with remixes and cover songs. The seven members trained really hard, and updated their twitter account reguarly with information of the preparation they were doing for their debut. As we look deeper into their predebut days We see of an instance where one day after practicing Suga informed their fans of an intense practice by sharing a photo of his swollen feet.

He tweeted – “Hello! I am Suga. If I want to beat my opponent at dancing then don’t I have to do atleast this much?”

All members spent the middle of May 2013 in practicing and filming their music videos. In early June, teaser pictures of all the members were out which were posted on groups, facebook and twitter pages. June 6th, 2013 Big Hit released Bangtan’s first teaser for their title track ‘NO MORE DREAM’. Three days later they released an additional teaser for causing more excitement amongst fans

Debut Story

BTS Debut Single – 2 COOL 4 SKOOL

‘No More Dream’ was finally released on on June 11th, 2013. The album consisted of 7 tracks including 2 hidden tracks that were only available on the physical album. The best part was that each of the member participated in creating the songs and the lyrics.
They shared,

“Really as much as we have had hardships producing this album, we have had fun times as well’

We tried very hard to make the lyrics just as relatable as it is enjoyable for teens and those in their 20’s to listen to. I did really like if if you have fun listening to it. Post debut they promoted reguarly and did interviews discussing their songs and the group.

On July 9th, 2013, almost a month after the boys debuted Big Hit announced the group’s Fandom name is ‘ARMY‘ which is an acronym for ‘Adorable Representative MC of Youth‘

A month later BTS surprised the fans on July 16th, 2013 with their second music video ‘We are bulletproof‘ Pt 2 and spent the next two months promoting these two songs from their album.

On August 27, 2013 a mysterious coutdown appeared on BTS’s official website and on midnight of August 28th, 2013 the very first teaser of Bangtan’s first comeback was reveled and later it was confirmed that the group’s second album will be released called ‘ O!RUL8,2? . During this time, fans watched Bangtan’s different kinds of variety shows. These shows gave the fans a chance to know more about the members and to see the group competing in various kinds of competition.

On September 11th, 2013, BTS’s third music video called N.O. was revealed. The interviews kept coming in for the members to share their thoughts. Then they spent the next two months successfully promoting ‘N.O’ and the ‘ Rise of Bangtan‘

During these promotions, at one of their live performance there was a small wardrobe malfunction. Usually during such live concerts there are two layers of clothes were members during the performace rip off the first layer, however during the live performance, Rap monster and Jimin accidentally ripped off both layers revealing their bare skin – despite of the small incident the fans enjoyed every bit of their performacne. Later these two members took twitter to make a joke about the same. It all ended in good spirits and smiles.

On September 21st, 2013 the members celebrated their 100 day Anniversary by sharing stories of their debut days and answering quesitons from fans and expressing happiness on everything they accomplished so far.