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Army Potrait Competition – Chance to win BTS Personalised Merchandise, Tshirt & Mini photocards !!!!!!

Hello Army !! Welcome to lovelymoo’s first Army Competition, If you think you are good in drawing just like our golden maknae Jungkook than here is a chance to win some BTS personalised merchandise. Please send in your drawings in the comment section below or my lovelymoo facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BTS.ARMY.lovelymoo/ or leave a PM on […]

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Army Lets Vote !

We all know that our boys are amazing dancers, Specially Jin & Namjoon who have come a long way with all their hard work and dedication. But lets vote here today to find out who we think is a good dancer with a strong sense of stage presence. 1+

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Min Yoon-gi Aka SUGA – the producer, composer and lyricist for Heize’s new song ‘We don’t talk together’ .We don’t talk together was released on July 7, 2019 by Heize. It’s a collaboration with BTS Suga, a decision precisely taken by both the labels together.

Army let us now discuss our simple and easy going Yoongi oppa and his various music related talent here today,

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Well if you are an ARMY you would definetely know what BTS WORLD is !!!
South Korean gaming industry giant Netmarble Games has introduced a new mobile game called ‘BTS World’ which combines gaming with your favorite K-Pop group. A new mobile game which combines gaming with your favourite K-pop group and its members.BTS World is a game changer, an experience worth taking- it comes with 10,000 exclusive new photos and 100 odd video clips of the group.

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Why we love BTS – Bangtan Sonyeondan <3

Well we wanted our first post to be all about BTS !!

We all have got our own reasons why we fell in love with BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) and why we love, respect and support them.. Not to forget that their hard work and amazingly beautiful songs with great music and lyrics are the key for all this widespread success

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